About Us

It all started in March, 2017. Before then, I was unfulfilled and unhappy. My work touched very few lives and felt pointless.

I yearned to touch thousands of lives. I craved the freedom to create amazing products that would enrich people’s lives and spread joy as far as they went.

So I started Top Point Media.

Since then, we’ve touched thousands of lives with our products. Thousands of birthdays, anniversaries and other occasions have been enhanced by our stock - all of which makes for thoughtful gifts.

The main idea behind Top Point Media, however, is the sparkle in a friend’s eyes when you get them a thoughtful gift. And for gifts to have that effect on people, they have to be high quality as well as awesome.

Which is why we pull no punches when it comes to quality. We want to spread long lasting joy.

So we source our products and materials from the highest quality sources we can find. Making our products not only unique, but durable too.

This is what keeps us going. And what’ll keep us going for the long term.

We’re Top Point Media and we truly believe every word behind our motto “Making your life more convenient”. That's what makes our company and our product awesome!